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Cave Bruce

Hike to cave bruce 




Cave Bruce is a historic abandoned mine Named after Robert I, popularly known as

“Robert the Bruce,” King of Scots from 1306 to his death in 1329. Once full of precious gems, today it sits empty of riches. However its true wealth is that of the natural ambiance and beauty which it lay. Spring water, lushes forests, the purest air and glorious views are what make this journey exceptional. 


What makes Cave Bruce a fun trek are the riddles hikers must solve to get to the cave. Families, friends and loved ones enjoy the thrill of figuring out the route written in British English (BrE)

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This trail is 2 miles in total. On it, you may encounter friendly and dangerous wildlife, harmless or harmful insects. Please trek under your own free will and accord. Snake shoes, hiking sticks, pepper spray, tick repellant are required. Proceed with caution as the trails may have Poison Ivy and other poisonous plants. 


Cave Bruce

Entrance to Cave Bruce

Robert the Bruce

Hiking Entrance


Riddles are used to determine your route.

Inside Cave Bruce

Looking up from the cave to the forrest.


Solve the Riddle!


Right or Left or Straight?

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