Smithmore Castle has many Bedrooms but offers only 6 for Guest stays. The rooms are shown below. Each room is unique with its own theme, however all the rooms are equally comfortable and beautiful. Smithmore Castle uses only the finest bedding and linens, ensuring that all our guests feel truly Royal.

Each stay at Smithmore Castle includes Gourmet Breakfast and a 3-Course Dinner. In addition we offer concierge services, as well as curated stays depending on your celebration. Smithmore is unlike any other property in the world. The amenities are top tiered and service is unmatched. While we are very much a Private Estate, Smithmore combines luxury, decor and a recognized in-house Private Chef to ensure that your stay is memorable and spectacular.   

 Monarch ROOM

Windsor ROOM

 Wilkinson loft

Carradine VIEW ROOM

grand tower

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royal tower

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Smithmore Castle