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Our Event Spaces

Smithmore Castle is proud to offer a selection of spaces and services suitable for every kind of event or celebration. Widely recognized for our luxurious event spaces, we guarantee to have the perfect venue for your next big day. Contact our Concierge specialists to hear more about the Balcony, Courtyard, Great Room and possible other additional solutions. All event spaces are sold in 4 Hour Time Slots with a maximum guest capacity of 75 Guests.  


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The Balcony 

A breathtaking view of the Appalachian Mountains, Mount Mitchell and the Blue Ridge Parkway are on full display. A 4,000 foot view as far as the eye can see makes for a truly magnificent scene. A maximum ceremony guest count of 65 Guests are allowed. And, a maximum dinner guest count of 35 guests are allowed. If you are looking for a larger space please see our other event locations. 


The Courtyard

A fairytale setting overlooking the hundreds of acres of private estate. A serene water fountain and lush forest views make this event space ideal for Ceremonies and Dinner Receptions. With both Ceremony and Dinner capacities of 100 guests, this location is perfect for larger events. The Courtyard also ties into the Great Room, Spanish Lounge and Lord Robert's Library. There's space for Live Music and Speakers. 


The Great Room 

Imagine a luxurious room with marble floors, a three story granite fireplace, gold leafed walls, renaissance decor and high ceilings with crystal chandeliers. The Great Room is an exquisite indoor event space which can accommodate up to 100 guests. It can be set up for Ceremonies, Dinner Rehearsals, Dinner Receptions or Dancing. The acoustics in this space are outstanding. There's also room above for a DJ to set up. If you'd like Live Music we can also prepare a space inside the fireplace for a band.    

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