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Massages $150​ Per Person/Hour 

Our licensed Massage Therapists are professional, experienced and committed to your relaxation. We offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone Massages. We have both male and female therapists and can also accommodate single or couples massages in our Massage Chamber. The Chamber is located in the building West of the Castle. 

Cave Hiking $30 Per Person

Cave Bruce is a historic abandoned mine, named after Robert I, popularly known as “Robert the Bruce,” King of Scots from 1306 to his death in 1329. Once full of precious gems, today it sits empty of riches. However, its true wealth is that of the natural ambiance and beauty which it lay. The tour is 2 Miles total and is ranked as Medium in difficulty. 

 What makes Cave Bruce a fun trek are the riddles hikers must solve to get to the cave. Families, friends and loved ones enjoy the thrill of figuring out the route written in British English (BrE).

Fire Pit.JPG

Ye Ol' Hearth $15 Per Person

The fire pit includes Hot Chocolate & S'Mores in a Picnic Basket. Enjoy a peaceful night under the stars with friends or family. The Smithmore estate is pinched between Pisgah and Cherokee National Forests. The fire pit is located about 1/4 mile down from the Castle. Walking to it is no issue, driving to it is possible as well. 

Archery $30 Per Person

Archery includes a Professional instructor. Learn to aim and shoot Victorian Long Bow onto 10, 20 & 30 yard targets. We provide all the equipment and training. Great fun learning on how medieval weapons were used to defend Castles and turn the tides of battle. This activity is for 18+ ages. 


Coffee Tasting $25 Per Person

This delicious and fun activity includes 3 Coffee Tastings. All made in-house and using important beans exclusively from Denmark. 100% Cocoa from Germany and a variety of Sheep & Cashew Milk as the base. A rich smooth taste is what you'll enjoy with friends and family while taking in the views and ambiance. Coffee Tasting is a 2 person minimum activity. 

Tea Time $40 Per Person

This group activity includes 4 Tea Tastings imported from Europe, Indian & Middle East. Depending on the Season, we can set up on the Balcony, Courtyard or Spanish Lounge. Tea Time is a 4 person minimum activity. Enjoy delicious flavors and a variety of aromas with friends and family. It also includes fresh pastries made by our renowned in-house Chef. 


Wine Tasting $140 Per Person

Our Wine Tasting includes 4 Tastings from Eastern European countries such as Sakartvelo [Georgia] & Armenia. In fact the Country Georgia invented wine. The flavors and tannins are unmatched and vary greatly to what most people have never tried. Our Wine Connoisseur will teach you age old techniques of proper wine consumption and enjoyment. The Wine tasting includes a Charcuterie Board with assorted cheese & meat cuts. Wine Tasting is a 4 person minimum activity.

Etiquette Class $40 Per Person

Taught by Lady of the House, this class can either cover Formal Dining, Social or Behavioral Etiquette. The Class is 1 Hour long and will cover a specific topic where you'll learn proper habits to turn you into a Proper Lady or Gentleman. Additionally, you can book this class with your entire family. We offer both adult and youth classes. 


Cooking Class $165 Per Person

Learn from one of the highest ranked Culinary Instructors in America. Chef Benjamin Epicure is an Award Winning 5-Star Chef who specializes in French, Italian and Japanese Cuisine. This fun and educational class will elevate your cooking skills and expand your culinary expertise. These classes are set up at 2 guests minimum and up to 6 guests maximum. We will take behind the scenes photos of your experience and send them to you. You will be making 2 of the 3 courses you'll be eating. The Starter and the Main Dish. The Dessert will be previously made by the Chef. This Class usually takes about 90 minutes. 

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