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                            Castle Information


Expectations: Smithmore Castle is operated as a victorian house. Staff is trained in fine dining, continental standards of etiquette and the upmost care. We believe in tradition and regard proper mannerisms as the highest degree of respect.  

Attire: Smithmore is a proud House and encourages guests to wear proper attire. Smithmore has a dress code for different times of the day in accordance with the glorious and respectful victorian days of past. Gentlemen must be dignified and are required to wear a jacket and tie for Dinner. Ladies are to wear dresses and conduct themselves ladylike during dinner service. (Jeans and sportswear are not permitted for either ladies or gentlemen, no hats are to be worn during dinner). Afternoon Tea or Lunch are semi formal, please dress smart. In all other areas of the estate such as Hiking, Archery, Fire Pit, Coop, or other outdoor activity guests are permitted to wear what they please.


Private House: Smithmore Castle is a private house not a public business. Access to the property is strictly by reservation only. Non guests will not be allowed to enter the property. Additionally, guests with valid reservations may not arrive early but rather arrive promptly at the times you have previously selected on your booking. 


Food: All lodging guests receive a 3-Course Dinner and Gourmet Breakfast for each night and morning of the stay. Lunch is an additional cost and the menu changes seasonally. Smithmore Castle grows, harvests or butchers most everything on the property. Therefore, we do not freeze food. We encourage lodging guests to order lunch at the time of their booking to give our kitchen staff ample time to prepare. 


Children Dining Etiquette: Keeping with tradition, children under the age of 13 must dine 30 minutes prior to adults in a separate room. Children will have a menu designed appropriate. Guests who decide to bring children will need to speak to Concierge in order to make the appropriate and necessary reservation adjustments. 

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