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Proper British Victorian Lodging 

Smithmore is a Private House and fully staffed with Chef's, Nannies, Footmen, Guards, Farmhand, Housemaids & Formal Servers. Whilst lodging, guests will enjoy 24/hour Concierge services as staff do reside on the property. Each lodging guest will receive a 3-Course Dinner and a Gourmet Breakfast for each night and day of the stay prepared by our renowned in-house Chef. Thus we do not charge by room but rather by person, since each person is provided for. 

If you wish to save on Third Party transaction fees (12%), please call Concierge at (828)385-1857 and pay with Zelle, Venmo or CashApp free of charge. 

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If Renting the whole Castle, tap "Add Rooms" to 8 

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